CST and Kids

Craniosacral for Children

Gentle Touch

Gentle touch is a perfect way to maintain good health during pregnancy. Easing mom’s overworked muscles and tired legs and feet can help the final months be a little more comfortable.

Many conditions that derive from labor and birth can be cleared with a light touch and very simple protocols.Having a little time alone, and with your baby help the pair settle into the new routine, and help resolve anything from a sore hip in the mom to difficulty nursing for the baby.


Colic can be resolved in most babies in a couple of sessions, and many restrictions in tissue as a result of a long labor can be eased in both mom and baby.

Developing the Nervous System

Every move a person makes informs and develops the nervous system. This is particularly important in the first five years of life when the body sets up and develops many parts of the cranial nerves and the spinal nerves. As the movements become more and more specific the communication between all the parts of the brain continue to develop. A fully developed nervous system is calm in default mode. Many of us underdeveloped or inhibited sections of our nervous system which results in anything from low level anxiety to difficulty with reading or math skills. This can be compounded by head injuries that delay the development that would be taking place in the body wasn’t healing. All the these aspects of a nervous system can be addressed at any time during a child’s life. When a mom notices something isn’t quite right in the development of the body brain, it is a good time to check in with a craniosacral or neurodevelopmental professional.

Falls and Accidents

As children develop most of the time they handle the rough and tumble of growing up. However, certain falls or accidents may result in trauma that gets overlooked.

A simple half hour check-in helps when a baby falls head first out of a highchair, or a fall off a bike or skateboard leaves you feeling something isn’t quite right. A craniosacral treatment could take care of something before it develops into a problem or pain.

Unresolved injuries as a child can lead to more complicated problems as an adult.

Take Control of Your Health Choices

Living is a process, and the choices we make as we go can produce more balance, clarity and joy. By taking control of our own health choices we can discover our own route to health. It is my desire to be one of your resources along the way.

Craniosacral for Children