TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) consists of a set of six simple physical exercises. These exercises are designed to release the deep chronic muscular tension that is held deep within the structure of the body.Tension is how the muscles move, becomes stress when it doesn’t complete the normal cycle and release. Muscles may also tighten during emotionally stressful times and need to complete the cycle and release.
If we stay in chronic stress, or we don’t release the muscles when the cause of the stress disappears, the stress in the muscles continues to build.

This can cause deep chronic muscular tension and affect the functioning of all systems: neurological, biological, structural and emotional.

Living with chronic stress can impact your daily functioning, and inhibit your ability to enjoy yourself.

As I have worked with these wonderful exercises, I have found that they also help clear structural issues, too. The exercises are designed to reawaken a self-maintenance program of the brain stem. Once it kicks in, it becomes a process of becoming alive.

It is amazing to watch what the body can do to help itself thrive.

The human body is an amazing organism. All of the things that can interfere with human flourishing; injury, illness, emotional pain, weaken the systems of the body. These exercises access the body’s brain to solve the body’s problems. All the body’s issues seem to benefit from the body’s knowledge of itself, and its own attempts to improve.

TRE is intended to be used as a self-help method that is easily learned, has immediate effects and can be integrated into a simple daily routine to help restore a sense of inner peace and relaxation and better balance physically.