Bodywork Biography

I will briefly cover my bodywork biography, to give you an overview of my education and credentials.

Esalen Institute

I received my certification from Esalen Institute in massage therapy. Esalen massage is taught in many different ways, but the focus is always on the whole person. Everything in the body is connected to everything else. I am mindful of the entire person; not just a group of muscles or a knot in tissues. Internal awareness of the body is called soma, reaching this awareness causes the body to change itself. The reason I call myself a bodyworker rather than a massage therapist is that I work with the person to help her integrate the table session into her life so that her body is more responsive to change and finds its own balance as it is used in everyday activities.

Craniosacral Therapy

I began to study craniosacral therapy while I was finishing my 500 hour certification through Esalen. Craniosacral therapy is taught by a cranial osteopath, Dr. John Upledger, DO. He began the Institute in 1984 to train bodyworkers and others. I am now a certified in craniosacral therapy at the Diplomat level through the Upledger Institute.

I have also become a certified mentor in the IAHE Mentorship Program for Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, and help others learn the art of craniosacral therapy by sponsoring monthly Craniosacral Study Groups. I am a member of IAHE, which is the International Association of Healthcare Educators.

I am an active member of the Craniosacral community. I run multiple study groups every month to deepen the understanding of practitioners, and to set high standards of care in my community.

I also teach light palpation classes to people who may not have additional credentials, but want to learn to work in a lighter, more sensitive way.



I was looking to fill in spaces or connect the dots, so I added classes in Ortho-Bionomy and am an Associate in the Society of Ortho-Bionomy. Another osteopath, Dr. Arthur Pauls from England was introduced to strain/counterstrain by Lawrence Jones, DO and devised his form of bodywork. Although European Osteopaths are not full doctors, like American Osteopaths, his understanding of Dr. Jones’ work developed a unique form of bodywork. It dovetails beautifully with craniosacral therapy, and at times overlaps through its use of gentle touch, body self-awareness, and helping the body move towards comfort and ease.

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

I still wanted a simpler, more physical expression of emotions through the body, rather than in spite of the body. Fortunately, I discovered Dave Berceli and his Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. I began studying with him in 2005 and became one of his trainers when he began teaching professionals how to facilitate TRE. This work is self-care and teaches a person how to allow themselves to release the tension and trauma that is still held in their body. Clients who add the exercises to table sessions with me heal more quickly and feel better. Understanding the theory behind the exercises helps you to realize that the body knows a lot more than we give it credit for, and it really does know how to thrive. Watching you help yourself is a wonderful experience.

Education and Background

BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1983
Edward L. Ryerson Traveling Fellowship, 1983
Massage Certification 1999 & 2004, Esalen Institute Big Sur, California
Member Esalen Massage and Bodyworker Association, 1999 to present
IAHE Member, 2010 to present; Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
Craniosacral Therapy CST-T, Certified 2009, Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
Craniosacral Therapy CST-D Certified 2012 Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
TRE Trainer, 2008-2011; Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises; Dave Berceli,PhD Phoenix, AZ
TRE Practitioner and Teacher, 2008-Present; Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises; Dave Berceli, PhD Phoenix, AZ
IAHE Mentorship Program for Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, January, 2015, Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida

There are times in our lives when we are given a gift without knowing it. I feel that when I began massage therapy with you, that was the case. Over the years, we have each grown as we follow our own paths, and I have greatly benefitted from your never-ending thirst for knowledge and from the deepening of your skills. For this period that we have worked together, I can truly say that I have experienced massage as therapy in a very deep, profound sense of the word. Thank you so much from my heart. This body, this spirit is deeply grateful.”