Here is easy access to words that may come up on the pages of my website, or if you read books from the Suggested Reading List.

craniosacral rhythm, The rhythm of the central nervous system that can be palpated much like the cardio rhythm of the body. The normal range is 6 to 12 beats per minute.

fascia, the most ubiquitous tissue in the body, found in sheets, bands and other configurations, like the skin of each organ consisting of collagen, elastin and ground substance. This tissue defines the substructure of the human body.

interoception, the ability of an individual to feel what is going on inside their own body.

myofascia, the fascia of the body directly related to the muscles. This fascia is not only covering the surface of the muscle, but it wraps around small muscle bundles, then groups of these bundles and on until it wraps the entire muscle.

palpation, to caress; the process of using the sense of touch to assess another person’s restrictions and support their nervous system to bring about change for the better.

proprioception, describes specific sensory nerves’ ability to perceive where you are in time and space. If there is an injury in that area, chances are the nerves may not be sending the correct information in a timely manner. This can also be a sense that is not properly integrated as we grow.

somatic, 1. relating to the body. 2. the body’s awareness of self

somatic emotional release, 1. release of emotions from tissues as they release the physical tension patterns