Neurogenic Motion

Neurogenic Motion
Neurogenic motion is a variety of movements ranging from tremors to large muscle movements that self-generate in the body to release past tensions and trauma stored there. These movements are part of the self-care function of all humans. In unsocialized mammals they happen spontaneously after a traumatic event.There are many ways to generate this motion and help them free and release tension in the tissues and ease flow of fluids and energy within the body. Dave Berceli’s Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) are a simple and effective way to induce neurogenic motion and begin a self-care routine that gives each person access to a calmer, more balanced self. You may know of other modalities that elicit this neurogenic response from your body.

Psychologists, bodyworkers, even yoga teachers have found that learning to access this response helps bring homeostatis to the body and relieve the tension that accumulates in the tissue.

I give classes to help you understand how the body functions and dysfunctions during a trauma and how to aid it to reach a full release after events that cause stress and tension within the body.

Experience these movements within your body and bring your own awareness into the process to allow a higher level of integration between the different areas of the brain, and between those areas and all parts of the rest of the body.

Watch your own body become more alive during this process and you will understand how simple it can be.

As your body begins to express itself, you will begin to build a different relationship with yourself.

Within the context of the class we look at the anatomy and areas of the body that hold the most tension, and ways to help the movements go into a restricted area, soften the fascia, and allow muscle and organ to reform into a softer yet more functional version. We also take a closer look at the anatomy of the brain and the brain/body integration.