TRE Benefits

TRE Benefits
• Easily learned-–and in many cases it has immediate effectiveness• Natural deterrent-–allows tension to be released so it diminishes or reduces PTSD symptoms

• Releases the Relaxation Response of the Parasympathetic Nervous System

• Enhanced benefits from doing them in a group setting in classes

• Integrates into daily routine

• Restores safety and relaxation in the body-–thereby promoting a sense of well-being

• Integrates well with any other therapy or treatment modality

• No negative side effects

• Can work alone with occasional assistance from a certified practitioner

• Release of deep chronic tension and increase of overall energy and stamina

• Shake loose unconscious involuntary muscular contraction

• Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma

• Promotes deep relaxation and improves circulation

• Improved mood and decrease of aches and pains

• Increase of the body sensitivity to pleasure

• Improved sense of being grounded

• The healing of sciatica

• Increased flexibility